What is Blue Light?

Have you ever heard of ‘Blue Light? If so, have you ever realized the harm of blue light? Well, if your answer is ‘No’, then you’re at the right place!


‘Blue Light’ is just like other colors of visible light, which is all around us. The sun emits blue light, but we do not look directly into the sun. The bad news is human beings are exposed to blue light more than ever due to the extensive use of devices that highly rely on light-emitting diode technology (LED) technology.


Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer screen and even flat-screen televisions emit high amounts of blue light by using the LED technologies. In today’s world, screens have become a prominent source of education, communication, entertainment, news and virtual interaction to us.

Why Blue Light is Harmful?

Blue light is the closest to the ultraviolet light on the color spectrum. Ultraviolet light has the shortest wavelength which can be dangerous.


The blue light emitted in large amounts possibly can boost the risk of eye disease like blindness or macular degeneration. Research shows that it might contribute to the formation of cataract. The symptoms could vary for an individual as stated below:

Digital Eye Strain

You may suffer from digital eye strain due to prolong use of your device which makes your eyes feel strained and dry. This condition occurs as a result from the blue light exposure and the flicker/glare of your LED screens. When the blink rate drops, your eyes automatically get dry.


It is normal to have such symptoms when you’re looking at the screen on regular basis but doing so for a long time without any protections might cause harm to the eyes. 

BluShield lens technology filters the harmful blue light and let the good one in. BluShield iRelax lens with add on eye relaxation feature give you maximum comfort and reduce the chance to develop myopia.


Headache is an inadvertent symptom of prolong exposure to harmful blue light ray. It might not even seem like a symptom, but those who are having migraine might experience it terribly. Even reading a simple book under lowlight might cause headache as straining your eyes in any context can cause headache. Exposure to blue light provoke it even more.

Trouble Sleeping

Some might experience trouble sleeping without realizing the root cause. It might be due to blue light which can greatly affect the good night’s sleep. Naturally, the blue light emitted from the sun signals your body when to sleep and wake up. The use of digital devices before bedtime makes sleeping time harder and even when you fall asleep, you feel unrested. Most people will find it hard to focus on any task the next day. It’s difficult to avoid screens at night, but the least we could do is to wear EyeShield eyeglasses for protection.

Dry Eyes

The nature of our eyes concentrating on the things we do whether it is work, or play tends to make our eyes dry. Eyes get dry when the blinking rate reduces. The flickering blue light from the screen aggravates the experience.


Therefore, keeping your eyes moistened is just a few drops away. If using eye drops sounds like a hassle for you, then opt for computer glasses which have excellent shield from blue light. EyeShield lenses is designed with anti-glare coating to protect your eyes against dry eye symptoms

Blurred Vision

Our vision system is held in a ‘locked’ position when we spend long hours on our devices. The eye muscles can fatigue, too, – just like any other muscles – resulting to a blurred vision.


If you are already suffering from underlying eye issues, this could make it worse. Wearing EyeShield premium computer glasses helps promote longevity and health in your eyes.


The American Academy of Ophthalmology listed out an article on tips to minimize the effects of digital screens. One of their recommendations is to practice wearing computer glasses.

Do Wearing Glasses with Blue Light Protection Work?

It is claimed that blue light does more harm to child’s eyes as their eyes don’t filter blue light as the adults and to those who have had cataract surgery. Too much exposure of blue light to the kid’s eyes especially may increase the risk of having ADHD, obesity, and short-sightedness. It is quite common nowadays for kids to wear glasses at the tender age because of exposure to the screen.


Therefore, opting for blue light glasses are remarkable in protecting our eyes from the potential harms while safely engaged to your regular routine of using the devices. You can use your smartphone or play that video game without affecting your eyes badly with the help of blue light filtering glass.


EyeShield glasses are enough to protect your dearly eyes. You may check out here to get to know more of our lenses that are specially crafted to shield the human eyes from blue light ray. Get the perfect yet high-quality eyewear to protect your dearly eyes today!


Always be aware of the condition of your eyes. Practice good habits and avoid excessive usage of technology devices unnecessarily. If you ever feel like you’re suffering from any eye-diseases, always seek your optometrist and never treat your eyes for granted.

BluShield Lens

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