My second purchase from eyeshield. Genuine blue ray lens and I really feel my eyes less straining when I’m on my phone and computer screens for long hours compared to other blue ray glasses.

Ai Vy

Received the item well packed with thick bubble wrap. Received after few days. The glasses fits perfectly.


Order #6335
Item received in good item. Well packed with bubble wrap. My boy loves them. TQ!

Julie Chong

Hi Eyeshield, i just received my daughter glasses today. Very good product. My daughter love it right away! The packaging is good, fast delivery and it also comes with authentic card & entitle for 1year warranty,and referral card. I am satisfied for my purchase. Thanks Eyeshield!

Alex Ngew

The item was packed very well, not to mentioned the very fast shipping time. Also the case of the specs is very beautiful. My daughter loves to wear it, is very very comfortable to wear. This eyeshield glasses its recommended to all the kids always using gadgets like. Thanks EyeShield.

Nur Diana Mariah

Order No 6032
Good packing and fast delivery. My kids love it.

Foong Lai Fuen

The item was packed very well. The specs itself looks durable but it’s comfortable! Also the case of the specs is very beautiful ❤️ my son loves to wear it! Thanks

Donna Lyn Suganob

Postage pantas
Barang berkualiti
Packaging kemas dan selamat
Yang paling penting mata anak terjaga..
Anak suka

Lester Angkau

My son like to use this eyeshield sun glasses its recommended to all the kids always using gadgets…

House wife

During lockdown, my children have Online Class, Online Tuition, Online Games, Youtube & TV, spending most of their time looking at screens. It’s unpreventable, worry about it’s effect on their eye, decided to try EyeShield. Fast delivery within 3 days. They are happy wearing it, hopefully can help them. Thanks.

Lim Chee Hiong

My son and nephews like those glasses! Fit them well ??

Jennie Lui

fast delivery…cute design and nice casing.overall im satisfied with the purchase…hope can last long


Already bought 2 pairs for my kids, fast received and they loves it so much.

Joan loh

I bought 2 pairs for me and my son, in view of massive usage of smartphone and laptop during MCO/PKP. Delivery was so fast. I ordered yesterday, and already received it today.

laily aziz

Bought it for our 6 year old son who now had access to screen time on his Ipad, it looks great and it’s comfortable!

Sett Shiunn Yean

Servis bagus…pertanyaan dijawab dengan baik…sesuai dengan muka anak and he likes it…. penghantaran pon pantas…

Norhaslinda arun

1st pair of glasses for my daughter and this is the 2nd day of her wearing them. So loves it as it very light weight and comfortable. Praise for the fast delivery time and great packaging ensuring the glasses arrives in pristine condition. Thxs again.

Lum Keen Lee

already got and use it more then 2 weeks. the quality is good. my son love it.


already receive the glasses…so nice…suitable for me…thanks for the advice … really love it… ?

Nor Ashikin



Prompt delivery & seller is responsive towards all my queries and questions prior to my purchase. Seller explained in details for my understanding as it was my first time to come across this product.
For Product : It’s great to have a retainer for the spec( for young children). Fits perfect to my boy & he is comfortable to wear it all day long 🙂

Order #5348

Ky Loh

I purchased 2 units of Blueshield iRelax for my kids on 24July and recieved it on 28July to KK, Sabah. Fast delivery and fast response!

It is useful for them as frequent use of handphone during pdpr, watching tv and using laptop.

It looks sturdy, Hope it will last longer ?

Ummi Hariz
Order #5353

在这疫情期间,我的小孩们都长时间接触电脑,电视和电话。谢谢 Eyeshield 眼镜为我小孩的眼睛提供保护,防止荧幕蓝光线的伤害。我的小孩现在不再有眼干和眼累的问题,我的小女儿也不在一直揉擦眼睛了。品质优越,价钱公道,值得推荐!

Christy Chai

My son love to wear this Eyeshield glasses. He feels comfortable wearing it when play game and watch video on tablets and phones. The quality is good and I highly recommended to all parents.

Christy Chai

My daughter is wearing this glasses for her online classes everyday now. It is important to protect her eye as sitting long hour in front of the screen. There are many choices I can choose here and it is fast delivery.

Christy Chai

I buy 2 units glasses for my kids. Its cheap but worth to buy. Its important to protect our kids eye especially during this pandemic. Our kids learning from home and using tablet, phone and laptop.


Order No. #5222
Fast delivery & friendly customer service!! My daughter said comfortable wearing it.

Ying Loo Tan

The title says it all. From the initial purchase enquiry process till the delivery of product. Product received in good condition with good bubble wrap in place. Glasses is light weighted and good material. Highly recommend to anyone whom wants to get a pair of ‘Eye Shield’ for their little ones.

JC Leong

The glasses are light and comfortable to wear. Bing has less tendency to rub his eyes and complain of fatigue after wearing them to his online class. He is also able to turn in earlier at night now.

EyeShield review by Dr Yingzangel



Packing are superb and fast delivery.. Will buy again soon.

Iswandy bin srah

My son wear the BluShield I Relax glasses when he watching TV and online class. It helps to relax the eyes and very comfortable when wearing the glasses. Good product quality & highly recommend ?

Chelvy Cho

Love the quality and designs a lot. I’m more at ease now knowing that my kids eyes are protected from harmful rays. Kids sleep better too.

Gaylen Hong Su Ling

Hania Fathia sangat selesa belajar secara online menggunakan EYESHIELD Computer Glass.

Kini mata tidak lagi kering, letih dan stress. Tumpuan belajar pun meningkat.

Design yang menarik dan harga yang sangat berbaloi dengan kualitinya buatkan saya sangat berpuas hati.

Love ❤️



Jack Chan

我的孩子之前因为过度玩手机导致眼睛很干,经常揉眼睛。。我担心他们会近视,就买了这家的蓝光眼镜让孩子佩戴。现在孩子们都没有再投诉眼睛不舒服了。谢谢, 我会介绍给身边的朋友购买?

Pei Houn

My daughter previously wear different brand of anti blue light glasses. She tried her brother’s Eyeshield glasses recently and told me it’s very relaxing and comfortable compare to the other brand she had. So have to buy another one for her. 🙂


I bought 2 EyeShield glasses for both my kids. They love it so much. I have tried the glasses myself and the lens’ quality is superb & clear without yellowish tint. Now I don’t see my kids rubbing their eyes after watching TV or playing with their tablet anymore. By the way, they still remain with 2 hours with TV & tablet.

Helen Chang

My son wear the Eyeshield glasses when he played the tablet , watching TV and online class. It helps to relax the eyes and not feel stress. Highly recommend ?


The quality is really good. Super light weight and my son love it. My son told me he really feel so comfortable wearing it when he plays with gadget or watching TV. Highly recommended


Hi, my name is Olivia Chin. I am 9 year old. I’m one of the brand embassadors for EyeShield. I wear EyeShield glasses during my online classes, watching my favourite movies and playing with my smartphone or tablet. It really help to help my eyes to relax. Now I can cope with my homework and screen time and my eyes don’t feel stress at all.

Olivia Chin

BluShield Lens

BluShield lens filter out the harmful blue light (Blue-Violet & UV) especially in this modern era where people spend most of their times with digital gadgets.


Our latest technology allows us to produce computer lens that is not as yellowish compared to the ordinary computer lens in the market

BluShield iRelax Lens (Not suitable for Hyperopia)

BluShield iRelax’s cutting edge technology comes with an add on iRelax feature to relax and protect our kids’ eyes in their daily virtual activities through computer, smartphone, TV and also reading.