BluShield Lens

Maximum protection for today’s digital life

How BluShield block digital lights?

It has become a norm to spend most of our time on smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV and LED lightings. Long hours of exposure to these High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue violet light in our everyday life is causing digital eye strain, increase risk of macular degeneration, sleep cycle disruption, blur vision, headache and many other effects to our health.


Children is at higher exposure to blue violet light because their eyes are still at developing stage. Blushield technology filters out harmful HEV Blue Violet Light & UV up to 420nm while letting beneficial blue light pass through to maintain color vision.

See the colourful world with clarity

Our virtually clear lens allows beneficial blue light to pass through which is essential for true colour perception.

Sharper vision and higher productivity

Glare from digital screen & lightings at home can cause eye strain, headache and discomfort. Get the best vision and comfort with our Anti-Glare & Reflective coating and further improve your performance.

BlueShield iRelax

(Not suitable for Hyperopia)

Complete protection & relaxation for your eyes

BluShield iRelax's cutting edge technology comes with add on iRelax feature to relax & protect our eyes in daily close virtual works with laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV and reading. This will greatly reduce the stimulus of eye elongation and protect against Myopia amongst our kids’ developing retina.

We are committed to produce the most premium & complete features for your kids with our BluShield & Blushield iRelax lens:

UV420 Protection
Scratch Resistance​
Extreme Durable Frame​
Blue Violet Light Protection​
Super Hydrophobic​
Repels Dust​
Anti-Glare & Reflective
Super Lightweight​
FDA Approved​
Reduce Digital Eye Strain​
Protect Against AMD​
Prevent Dry Eye​
Reduce Eye Fatigue​
Improve Sleeping Quality​
Improve Concentration​

Protect and care for your children’s eye today!

Get a pair of EyeShield Computer Glass and have a peace of mind.​

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BluShield Lens

BluShield lens filter out the harmful blue light (Blue-Violet & UV) especially in this modern era where people spend most of their times with digital gadgets.


Our latest technology allows us to produce computer lens that is not as yellowish compared to the ordinary computer lens in the market

BluShield iRelax Lens (Not suitable for Hyperopia)

BluShield iRelax’s cutting edge technology comes with an add on iRelax feature to relax and protect our kids’ eyes in their daily virtual activities through computer, smartphone, TV and also reading.