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Round Vintage Frames

These round design give you the vintage sophistication of this historical place.

(Age 3-10 year old)

Squarish Design

Inspired by this ultramodern lifestyle, we bring to you our squarish modern frames for active kids.

(Age 3-10 year old)

Bright Geometric Design

Light up your life with this bright geometric neon light in the city of New York.

(Age 7-15 year old)

Marvelous Squarish Design

These marvelous squarish design with perfect blend of colors of Paris.

(Age 7-15 year old)

All time squarish Frames

A mixture of modern and classic design definitely fit the name of London, one of the oldest and greatest city.

(Age 7-15 year old)

Minimalist Squarish Design

Simple yet colorful design just like the lifestyle in Malaysia.

(Age 7-15 year old)

Our Feature

What is Blue Lights?

It's Everywhere!​

‘Blue Light’ is just like other colors of visible light, which is all around us. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer screen and tv emit high amounts of blue light by using the LED technologies.

Eyes Can't Naturally Block Blue Lights.​

It is claimed that blue light does more harm to child’s eyes as their eyes don’t filter blue light as the adults and to those who have had cataract surgery

Primary Source of Eye Strain.​

This condition occurs as a result from the blue light exposure and the flicker/glare of your LED screens. When the blink rate drops, your eyes automatically get dry.

Increase Risk of Eye Diseases.​

Our vision system is held in a ‘locked’ position when we spend long hours on our devices. The eye muscles can fatigue and resulting to a blurred vision.


Our Happy Customers

BluShield Lens

BluShield lens filter out the harmful blue light (Blue-Violet & UV) especially in this modern era where people spend most of their times with digital gadgets.


Our latest technology allows us to produce computer lens that is not as yellowish compared to the ordinary computer lens in the market

BluShield iRelax Lens (Not suitable for Hyperopia)

BluShield iRelax’s cutting edge technology comes with an add on iRelax feature to relax and protect our kids’ eyes in their daily virtual activities through computer, smartphone, TV and also reading.